Custom OEM Solutions & Design, and Manufacturing

xinxie' has a number of skilled RF antenna engineers, we are especially good at designing the antennas in frequency from 100MHz to 6GHz。all of whom have more than 15 years of experience in the antenna field, Whether its custom antenna design, antenna selection, optimization or pre-certification we have expertise and innovative proprietary designs with many antenna types including monopole, dipole, loop, ceramic patch, PCB, flex PCB antennas and beam steered MIMO antenna arrays.etc.


Evaluation and Project Approval

You can communicate in depth with our engineer team about your custom antenna requirements. After you provide your specific requirements, such as the antenna’s frequency range, gain, polarization mode and antenna size, we will conduct an internal evaluation, and finally determine whether the project can be established.


Benefits of Custom Antenna

Choosing a customized antenna helps you go to the ever-changing market faster. With many years of experience in antenna research and development, we proudly announce that we can provide you high-end, cost-effective antenna customization services. We focus on the development and customization of antennas from 100MHz to 6.8GHz frequency band, customizable options include the antenna’s frequency band, beamwidth, gain, size, mounting kit, connectors, etc. You can also customize the packaging with your company logo and the appearance of the antenna, such as the color and shape of the radome


In-house Testing the Prototype

We will in-house test the antenna prototype in the microwave anechoic chamber to verify the radiation pattern, gain, VSWR, and other parameters, and finally come to the best solution.


Client Test & Confirmation

After we complete the prototype sample, it will be sent to you by express. You can check the appearance of the antenna and test whether its performance can meet your requirements. We will start mass production after you confirm that the prototype sample is ok.

Let's get started, build your custom antenna

Order and customize our antenna and cable assemblies the way you like it. Just fill out the form and your parts will be built, just how you want it.

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