Custom Coaxial Connectors

We produce top-quality custom coaxial connectors in small lots and with short delivery times.

Total Customization Support

We offer total customization, including changes to the shape and length of the entire product or a part of it, as well as the material, surface treatment, and package. In addition, regardless of high-frequency coaxial connectors, we will manufacture products of various shapes, such as machined parts with surface treatment.

Why Custom RF Connectors?

Expand Your Product Portfolio

Our ability to offer small lot orders, rapid turn-around and full customization capabilities give you the flexibility to build multiple types of equipment and prototypes.

Develop & Manufacture High-Performance Devices

Rugged, compact connectors optimized for your operating environment enable you to manufacture higher value-added equipment.

Produce More Reliable & Lower-Cost Equipment

The longer service life of our coaxial connectors results in lower equipment manufacturing costs, which can be passed on to your customers, thereby giving you a competitive advantage.

Increased Productivity

Connectors tailored to your operating environment reduce product defects and shorten delivery times, thereby significantly increasing productivity.

Key Features


Full Customization

Our offer complete customization (except for mating parts).


Rapid Turn-Around

Our offer complete customization (except for mating parts).


Processed Cable Products

We offer fully processed coaxial cables with our connectors attached to save you time and minimize installation issues.


Small Lot Orders Welcome

We welcome small lot orders. Our catalog items can be purchased from lots as small as one piece. Custom orders are available for a minimum of 100 pieces.

Custom Order Delivery Process


Customers: Request a Custom Product

Please contact us with a custom order for a product not in our regular lineup. Please describe what you want to customize on the inquiry form, reference product, lot quantity, annual usage, etc.


Specification Confirmation

We will confirm the specifications based on your inquiry. One of our sales representatives may request to hold a remote meeting to discuss and confirm details. We will consult with you as appropriate, including whether or not a prototype is required.


XINXIE‘Prepare and Submit a Quotation

We will provide an estimate based on the specifications we have confirmed. We may make drawings and perform simulation analysis on a case-by-case basis.


Customer: Prototype Order

You may prepare your order according to the quotation we have submitted. In the case of a custom order, the basic flow is to place a prototype order.


Prototype Production, Verification, Inspection, and Delivery

Prototypes are manufactured and verified according to the specifications agreed upon during the study. Although it is on a case-by-case basis, we often receive orders with a delivery time of 45 to 60 days after receiving the order.


Customer: Verification by Prototype

We will ask you to verify the prototyped connectors by connecting them to your products. If there are no issues, we can provide a quotation for mass production.


Customer: Mass Production Order

If satisfied with your tests and our quotation, you may place an order for mass production.

Let's get started, build your custom antenna

Order and customize our antenna and cable assemblies the way you like it. Just fill out the form and your parts will be built, just how you want it.

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